Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.

For Emilio


The world changed pretty rapidly after your 6th birthday, and so, it has taken me almost a month to get down in writing my thoughts on you reaching your 6th birthday. 

You are the perfect picture of juxtaposition. 

You exude kid energy that takes on a masculine tone more often than not. Tackling, aggression, attraction to the hard edges of the world and a desire to build, play and destroy. 

And, you have this deep emotional connection to people in your life. You love so fully and right out in the open. You crave touch, you let your feelings out easily. You don't hold back. 

You are in no way self conscious. You own who you are and share it readily.  I know that will change, as you age you will start to hold pieces of yourself back from the world. However, I hope I can help you always feel confident in who you are. So much so that you are able to share those deep parts of you with people you love and trust. 

I'm not someone to feel weepy or wistful for your days as a baby or toddler. I don't wish to go back, I don't wish you were still a baby. I don't even really think, "where did my baby go?" But I do feel fairly astounded when I think of who you are now at 6 and reflect on the truth that I've been a mother, to you, for 6 years. 

You are a remarkable child. You are confident, controlling, loving, independent, playful, creative, smart and athletic. You can own a room if you want to, and usually do. You command attention. You love music, playing any sport, collecting items and creating worlds out of them, writing, your little sister, your routine, and mac and cheese. 

And we love you. So very much. 

To your 7th year. May it be filled with all your favorite things, and so much more. 


Flowing Along

Flowing Along