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Flowing Along

Yesterday was a day of flow. I flowed through the day. Not in a bad way, not in a I missed out on life way. 

In a, I got this way. 

In a, I've arranged my life to really work way. 

But, in all honesty it doesn't happen that often.

Because, well, life happens. 

But yesterday things clicked. 

I got what I need to done at work. 

I left a little early.

Even though I hit some unexpected traffic on the way to daycare, I still made it home in time to get dinner going and grab some dog beds to pass on from the garage before my friend arrived.

And she pulled up just as I was closing the garage. 

We sat on the floor inside cooing over her newly rescued pup. Ava saying ridiculous things, "He eating my shoe!" 

And it didn't feel rushed. I didn't feel the pressure to get us to the next thing to move through the night. 

It flowed. 

From there we moved in to dinner, everyone eating and enjoying. 

The kids went to bed. 

The evening began, we connected and did our own things. 

It was one of those days where I ended it feeling like, I got this. 

I got this. 

I need days like that. 

We all do.

So when I don't have a day that flows, I have to remember that there will be moments of "I got this."

I can do this. 

You can do this.

We got this. 

This Morning.

This Morning.

For Emilio

For Emilio