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How Diapers made me think about my Time and Energy

How Diapers made me think about my Time and Energy

A few months ago I went on a limited spending spree- meaning I focused my energy and attention on not spending and looking for ways to reduce spending. 

There were many reasons I did this, but one of the strongest was because I want to approach living in a more minimalist way. I still have fantasies about being to spend whole days focused on cleaning out our house and removing all the stuff we don't need or want. 

I will eventually get to it, but I started by mindfully stopping. Don't add when you already have a house full of things you want to purge. 

So I also took a look at my expenses to see where I could shop smarter and diapers is obviously a spend. Monthly. 

I found a new company that was much cheaper than the one I'd been using since Ava was little and jumped on board. 

But then she got a rash, and it was clearly a result of the new diapers. 

So I tried another brand, but then I realized that they were actually more expensive than the first. And so I went back to what was already working.

I know I could have done more research and trials, I know there are cheaper options that still cover what I want from diapers (low-chem, natural bend, don't cause irritation). 

And I thought about it and at first felt like maybe I'd given up too quickly. 

But then I realized it is part of the balance, it is part of choosing what I will spend my time and energy on and what I'll get back from it. I think my time and energy is better spent on other aspects of life and parenting. 

So I let it go. and I'm not going to look back.

When can you let go off to make space for something better?  

And yes, we go through enough epsom salt we need a bag that big ;) 

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