Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.

You're Not Alone

A few months ago when I pushed myself to create this space and start something that would hopefully have a wider audience than my "mommy blog" it was with the intent to have a space to share my voice of balance. 

But more than that, it was to be able to share a voice that spoke truth about parenting, about the hard work of parenting. It was a place to get more real about what parenting and mothering is during day to day life. 

I'm sure I'll still try to paint a pretty picture, because I like words and using words to describe experiences, and I like to think positively and see the good in those experiences. 

I'm here to be real, though. And I want to continue to work to normalize the challenges you face each day as a parent. 

To normalize the fears, the tears, the frustrations. 

To normalize feeling you're doing everything wrong. 

To normalize how hard this journey is. 

To not just tell you, "its all worth it." or "You'll see a payoff someday" but to honestly say, 

"Yeah it is really hard to parent, but it should be we are raising children, we are coaching, guiding, educating, directing, influencing, preparing, managing, teaching, correcting, small beings who don't know anything. And I balance that with looking at their faces, with reminding myself I choose this and I will over and over. With honoring myself with the responsibility I hold and committing everyday to taking that responsibility seriously and never backing down from the challenge to do better each day. To learn from mistakes, to take feedback, to read and talk and share. That's why it is so hard."

And when I read things like this to share them- because this is so spot on. Be real Mamas, share the scary dark corners with people you trust. I guarantee they have been there too. And then work together to lift each other up. Because we cannot do this alone, and you are definitely not alone. 


How Diapers made me think about my Time and Energy

How Diapers made me think about my Time and Energy

At nearly 2