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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

I've nursed her there, I've nursed her here, I've nursed her really everywhere. 

As a newborn, when I ate my birthday cake.

In a car all dressed up to celebrate

At a basketball game, because that's where we wanted to be that night.

On the sidewalk, in the city, because it was marathon Sunday and quite the sight!

With her hand on my face, because exploration is key. 

hand on face.JPG

While I'm working from home, because she doesn't understand "I'm busy, can't you see?"

On the train, all together, because I'm not going to hide even if others may frown.

At a wedding amidst the celebration, because it's how she calms down.

Sweaty post workout, because "you're finally free!"

After our day apart on the couch, because it was how we reconnected, her and me.

And everyday moments together. Any time. Any place. 

I've nursed her here, I've nursed her there. I've nursed her really everywhere. 

And I nursed her big brother too. But I didn't take pictures of him and me. So I took them more this time around, and I love looking back and seeing our journey. 

If you've nursed your baby for a day, or for almost 3 years like me, I'll hope you'll join me in continuing to de-stigmatize nursing, de-sexualize breasts, and encourage all women to get the support, care and championing that we all need. 

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I Fake-stagramed

I Fake-stagramed