Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.



I don't want to forget the way you say "darbage" instead of "garbage". 

Your squeaky toddler voice.

How easily you pick up on what one of us is doing and mimic it perfectly. 

All the various things you ask for to delay having to go to bed. "I want bear" "I want blankets" "I want to lay on you" "I want to sleep in the crib" (which you've never slept in). 

The way you dance with your little arms bent at the elbow, held in front of you, pumping up and down, hopping on your toes. 

Watching you figure something out all on your own with no prompting, and then how excited you get. 

How easily you can play on your own for extended periods, creating your own worlds with stuffed animals, your kitchen, markers, etc. 

You bring joy wherever you go. 

You are a full life in a toddler sized body. 

Every once in awhile you'll look at me and say, "That's my Mama." and my heart just fills right back up with all I need to to parent you, you spitfire. 

Remember this Ava, you're never too much...

You're just enough! 

A Win

A Win

The Return

The Return