Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.

A Win

You want to hear about a parenting win we had this week? 

Wednesday evening, take out food in front of us (for the second day in a row), we began to reach the end of dinner. 

Emilio wanted something else to eat. 

Ava wanted whatever we were not offering her. 

And all at once, there was a crying 2 year old in my lap and a frustrated 6 year old standing next to me trying to read the word watermelon. 

And then they both wailed, no scream wailed, at the same time. 

I looked at Matt next to me and we just kind of smiled and then laughed to ourselves. 

Our kids kept cry screaming and we just sat back and allowed it to happen.

And after about 45 seconds of it. 

Emilio said, "Its watermelon!" and smiled and Ava stopped crying and laid on my chest. 

Sometimes, they just need a release. 

Especially as they slog through a week readjusting to routine post long vacation.

Especially since they're young and can't emotionally grasp coping mechanisms. (I mean, I'm in my mid 30s and I am still practicing that). 

Especially since being a parent doesn't mean fixing, stopping, solving everything. 

So to be able to sit back, see the humor in it and let it be, that's a win. 

Too often, we are managing reactions, emotions and behaviors that don't sit well with us. 

Kids need limits, they need guidance and support, but they also need safe places to let it all go. 

Finding that balance is hard, and totally individual. 

The image with this post, is of Matt sitting with Emilio and counseling him after he was pushing the boundaries hiking in the desert. He was too close to the edge of the cliffs and too slow to respond to our calls to move away. That's when we intervene, when we stop and pull them back in to reinforce. 

So I'm taking the win, and reflecting on it and reminding myself to keep seeking the balance and anchoring myself to it when I can. 


Two and Half/ On Growth

Two and Half/ On Growth