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I was listening to a podcast the other day about recentering, how November is a month for re-centering. 

I connected with it on many levels. 

As the season moves in to Fall I have always found it to be one of my most reflective times. Preparing for a Winter season of plenty, of hibernation and comfort, by ensuring I have what I need now and for the new year approaching. 

When you recenter it is both a birth and a death. 

What will you let go of? We need to release to make space for our authentic needs. 

We all walk around carrying the weight of unfulfilling patterns, of behaviors that destruct rather than build up, of relationships that suck rather than fill. 

What can you let go of? To get to a more true core of yourself? 

What you say no to, is a yes to your best self. 

In this podcast she talks about the cups in our lives that our empty, but we continue to drink from. 

There are so many cups in my life that I go to over and over thinking they'll fill me up and they are empty again and again. 

I need to cut those patterns, and now is the time. 

Last weekend I went away for a night. I spent time with two of my best girlfriends. I was with them fully. There were no pictures because the focus was on us, not our phones. It felt incredible. To dive in deep with them and ourselves. To be together and not in the chaos of family. 

When I returned on a rainy Sunday to my Family I told myself I would be present with them. No phone, no computer, mix back in to the mess of life. 

And then I found myself on my phone and my computer all afternoon. Engaged in a conversation I told myself was productive and helpful, but one I regretted engaging in as it happened. 

I'm still holding regret from that. 

So I'm committing to that being a behavior I bury. I have already taken steps towards that recenter, and I'll continue to reflect and be accountable to myself for my commitment. 

I'll birth a more connected and fulfilling parenting model. I've been drinking from an empty cup of internet connection for too long. It serves a real purpose, but I have to draw firmer lines around it. 

I know my best self, I have felt her, when I'm present, when I'm flowing in moments and not fulfilling instant gratification constantly. 

So that is my recentering. 

What is yours? 

To all the Moms

To all the Moms

Your Body

Your Body