Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.

To all the Moms

This is to all the Moms who are out there everyday managing it all. 

Who make choices that are best for their families and friends and them too, and stand firm in them. 

To the Moms who do so much for so many. 

To the Moms who wake up an hour early, or go to sleep an hour late, to have an hour to themselves. 

To the Moms who get stares, and shame, and judgement from others and shake it off. 

To the Moms who are the backbone of it all. 

This is to the Moms who are making it fucking work. 

To the Moms who are pack mules, carrying everything everyone will need everyday. And not just physically. 

To the Moms who know the rules, but break them sometimes because they have to.

To the Moms that didn't realize they would think this hard, and research this deeply about raising children. 

To the Moms who feel like they're on autopilot a lot of the time. 

To the Moms who take the pictures, and aren't in the pictures. 

To the Moms who don't let others shit bring them down. Not your family. Not your children. Not your choice. 

To the Moms who know their shit. 

To the Moms who want more help, who need it, but also need the control and know they'll do it best. 

To the Moms who remind themselves daily to be the model for their children. The model of it all. But also give themselves grace to mess up, a lot. 

To the Moms.

This is for you. 

I see you.

I am you. 

We got this. 


The Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce