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Big Deal

Today is a big deal. 

Not only is it a Presidential Election. 

But, it is a Presidential Election that has been different from any I remember. 

It is an election where one of the candidates has opened a world of hate, anger, violence and vile behavior. 

And, it is an election where the first female nominee for president is one step away from being the first female president. 

So, today is a big fucking deal. 

Have you talked to your children about it? I have, we have. Emilio knows who the candidates are, why we are voting the way we are and why it is so important to vote. 

When Ava is old enough to understand I will tell her how I wore her on my back to cast my vote and filled in the blue circle next to Hilary's name. The first time a female name was listed. 

But here is where the balance comes in. Here is where I figure out how to lean way back, look really big picture and focus on what matters. 

I don't look at Hilary and see the person I would want to elect. For many reasons I won't get in to here. 

BUT, when I take a few steps, okay maybe a lot of steps back I see the bigger picture.

You have to look at the bigger picture. 

And that makes it so vividly clear I really cannot fathom how anyone I respect, anyone I spend my time and energy with and on could make another choice in this moment.

I know why people do. I've paid attention. I've read your posts. I've followed your logic. I'm not talking to just one person. I keep my eyes open and don't create too much of an echo chamber around myself. 

But right now. In this climate. Right now I don't see another way. 

That's my truth. 

I know there are others. I know everyone holds their own truths. And I work to balance those, to make space for them. Because holding and owning your own truth is critical. 

This morning when I cast my vote I felt proud. Proud of doing my civic duty. Proud of the changing times we are in, as tumultuous as they are. 

And, I decided I didn't want to be so quiet any more. I've been fearful of debates, I've hidden from angry opinions, and saved my energy for other matters close to home. 

So, if you haven't already. Please vote, and not for hate. Not for xenophobia and fear. Not for ignorance and unproven abilities. Not for 1 or 2 issues.

Step way back and consider the larger landscape. 


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