Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.

Credit where it's due.

I don't think we give children enough credit for knowing what's up. 

They are these little sponges with no filter. The soak the world up in a way that we, as adults, don't and cannot without a lot of work. And then they move and make decisions in a way that is so unfiltered we, as adults, usually have trouble managing it. But, they get it. They get how things work. They see things without the layers and fog of years. I could go deeper in to this and how it negatively impacts parenting, but I'll let the expert speak for himself and just direct you to The Daily Groove

All this is not to say kids don't need limits, direction, consistency, and stability to make an impact and learn and grow in a productive way. AND we are foolish to not pay attention to the way they move, make decisions and exert their free will. Because we can learn a lot from them and about ourselves in interacting with and parenting children. 

Earlier this week Ava told me this elaborate plan to eat pink food on Friday. She isn't in daycare on Friday's anymore since I am not working, yet, and it was a way to save money and spend some more time together. I indulged her fantasy, of course, and didn't think much of it. 

This morning she went looking for snacks in the pantry. Knowing that a move is imminent and taking the opportunity to do a little purging I thought, hey while we're in here let me look at what we have and get rid of expired or stale stuff. I found a box of gluten free cake mix and Ava declared, "Let's make it!" Sure, I thought, this is a great way to get rid of stuff! "Is it pink cake?" She asked me. "No," I responded, "but I have food coloring!"

So... we made a pink cake. I had to go to the store to buy frosting because my attempt at coconut milk frosting failed, but I used up 3 more cans of something I don't have to move. 

And only just now, as she continues to pick at her pink cake did I connect the dots. 

This 3 year old wise gal put out in to the world on Wednesday that she wanted pink food on Friday. 

And you know what she got? Pink food on Friday. 

You know that best selling book from years past, The Secret? Yeah you don't have to buy it- Ava just taught you all you need to know. 

Put out in to the world what you want, and then exploit opportunities to get it when they present themselves to you. Because they will. 



A dozen gone by

A dozen gone by