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Be the change

Be the change

Something I've learned and put in to practice recently is recognizing when I'm the problem. Recognizing that I have to change for the outcome I desire. 

If the approach I'm taking it isn't yielding the results I want. It is on me to change my approach. 

It has been a kind of aha moment for me. 

I'm not changing, I'm adapting and as a result I'm getting what I want or need. 

I find so often in life most people don't look inward at what behaviors and communication patterns they can change to yield more favorable outcomes. 

They keep doing things, behaving, talking in the same way and when they don't get what they want, they get mad at an outside party and never self reflect. 

Frankly, it can be pretty destructive. 

I've had a pretty deep awakening in the last 7 months regarding how I can and should approach the world, my life, my choices and how I set myself up for success in anything I want. 

I've become more open to feedback and change. 

I recognize traits that need to change so I can be more effective and happier. 

I know how to communicate better and I work at it daily. 

And it doesn't just impact my professional life, although I find the biggest changes there, it impacts my personal life too.

Because, that's something else that's been an awakening. They are deeply connected. If you are not happy at work, you aren't happy at home and vice versa. 

We have such a tendency in our society to shove things down in to the depths of our souls to not talk of. 

Just keep swimming.Find the balance. You can't have it all. Persistence pays off. If you fall off the horse, get right back on. Don't take your work home. Its not personal, its business. 

But what is at the core of those? A lack of recognition that change is necessary. That reflection and feedback and adaptation is needed. Be the change. 

If you fall off the horse, don't just get back on. Look at the factors that caused the fall. Think about if even being on the horse in the first place is getting you to your goal. 

It is okay to fail. Don't keep just doing to just keep doing. 

Learn from your failures and change.

It is okay to change. 

Stasis is death. We must change to survive and THRIVE. 

It is okay to intersect work and home. They are deeply connected. Be who you are in both places and find the best of yourself in both places. 

There is no balance, there should be harmony. There's a reason Act is in the title of this site. 

Stop acting. Get real. 

It is scary. It is hard. But we are in control. There are many many factors outside our control. But so much more that we can control that I think most people admit. 

I find that being more in touch with this helps me find that harmony day to day. I still get annoyed, mad, upset when people aren't doing what I think they should. But now I have the grace to step back and think about what I can change to get the result I want. And usually, that change helps me get it. 

It is a constant work in progress. But, it is something that is definitely in my tool kit now and I call on it often. 



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