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Silence, and Speaking Up

I've been quiet on here. But it isn't for lack of words to share. 

I could write about how important having a village is and how I've built mine and how we help each other. 

I could share how amazing it is to watch a toddler shape in to a child. 

I could talk about a new commitment I've made to myself to buy less, and have less and how clear it is that so many people struggle with this. 

But instead, I've been focusing most of my brain power on the recent events in the US. On the clearly highlighted systemic issue we have in this country.

I'm talking about Racism.

I'm talking about how our police force is built on racism and how deeply this issue runs and how clearly it has been brought to light in the last week. 

And it feels like I'm toting my white privilege to go on posting about all my Mama stuff, my white Mama stuff, instead of addressing this. Instead of using my voice to spread resources and get more people talking about this. 

I want my children to be raised in a world where they see color and understand the different experiences the color of your skin brings. 

I want my children to be raised in a world where people actively work on a public level to continue to break down racist systems and practices in our country. 

I want them to understand the privilege their skin color brings AND how to be an ally to others. 

I want them to see their parents working to talk about these issues, to educate themselves and share resources with others. 

I want them to know that the bad actions of one doesn't equal many, and there are good people doing good work in a bad system we need to change. 

So, here are some links that I encourage you to click and read and digest.

They will make you uncomfortable.

They're supposed to.

Get uncomfortable and then let's work together to make change. 

Start with reading this post and unpacking your white privilege (if you are white), let is sink in 

"People are dying not because individuals are racist, but because individuals are helping support a racist system by wanting to protect their own non-racist self beliefs. People are dying because we are supporting a racist system that justifies White people killing Black people."

My Mama has several more places to visit on her blog here: The Premise Is Grace

Actions we can take: What You can Do Right Now...

And here is a very deep list of more resources that I am going to begin digging in to and I hope you'll join me: 70+ Resources

We have to be the change. 

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