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I've been thinking about flexibility, evolution, and release of old patterns lately. 

A few weeks ago I spent a morning going deep with a good friend who is on her own journey of growth and change. 

It quickly placed me on a new level of consciousness with myself and some of my patterns. And most importantly the ripple effects of those behaviors. 

This may seem deep. That's because it is. I'll spare you the details, and cut to the chase. 

As you move through your life, especially as a parent, you cannot be static. Statis is death. 

When you receive messages that alter your view. Don't ignore them. 

Embrace them. 

They're for the best. They're for your growth. They will have ripples of impact. 

And then. Stay aware. 

Because you're going to fall back in to old habits. Quickly, easily. 

I did. 

You won't find balance if you're not flexible.

You won't find balance if you don't evolve daily. 

And you won't find it if your current patterns don't allow for it to exist in your world. 

After my conversation I approached the following days with a fresh perspective of who I needed to be for my family and myself.

That person is the present mom. Not the get it all done mom.

So I did that. And it felt exactly how you'd imagine. 

So deeply satisfying. 

Like I'd figured something out that I'd been trying to solve for decades. 

And a few days later, I found myself upstairs putting away laundry while the kids played downstairs. 





Self Awareness 


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What do you ask for?