Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.

At 5.5


When you were a baby, I wrote monthly letters to you. I would explore everything that had changed from month to month. I talked about my discoveries as a first time Mama. I wrote quick snapshots of life with you as an infant to toddler. As you continued to grow and change I didn't write as much. Not because we weren't covering new ground everyday, we were, we still are, but more because it was less about the months and more about the boy you were becoming. My energy had to be spent in different ways. 

At 5.5 (more, actually) you are such a kid, so much less a toddler or baby. You delight and challenge us on a daily basis. 

You are full of desires, emotions, needs, wants, questions and curiosities. You are helpful, willing and caring. You are selfish, stubborn and steadfast. You have deep intellect, imagination and capacity to take in knowledge. You are athletic, full of energy and strong. You desire touch, comfort and soothing. You are independent, strong willed and self driven. These are all wonderful traits that will serve you very well as you continue to grow. Sometimes they all mix up together and explosions happen. 

And sometimes, those sometimes are all on top of each other. 

You made your Dada and me parents. And we are learning every day what that means and how we approach parenting you. 

It is hard. 

But if it was easy, we wouldn't be doing it right. 

You're such a mix of both of us, that we can't quite approach you the way we are naturally drawn to. 

You are intellectually curious and strongly opinionated like your Dada. 

You are controlling, emotionally driven and self guided like your Mama. 

You are silly, sports centered and smart like your Dada. 

You are energy filled, athletic and smart like your Mama. 

But above all, you are you and we see more of you every day. 

Who will you become at 6? At 7? and 10 and 15? 

We don't know yet, but we are along for the ride. 

Thank you for your grace, patience and unconditional love as we adventure along together. 



At nearly 2

Morning Light