Welcome. Here I'll share my parenting journey and hope you can connect and relate.


Happy Monday! 

I try to start the week with a fresh perspective. I try to go in motivated, excited and ready to do good work, feel connected and centered in my parenting, and able to find moments to rest, relax, refresh and better myself. 

That's a lot to do in a week. Going in with a plan and purpose helps me. And when it all goes out the window, I let go and find my way through. Most of the time. 

I'm someone that likes to look forward. I think some of it stems from being in a long distance relationship for 7 years. We always had to be looking forward to manage the time apart. 
I like to have things to look forward to. Touch points throughout a week to motivate me. 

But this can get in my way too. I can lose sight of the moment I'm in. I can forget to embrace, enjoy and get what I can out of the present. 

That's also what my weekends are for. Soaking in the day to day moments. Not overplanning. 

My dad called them CFWs (commitment free weekends) and they're the best kind of weekend. Ones where you can tell a friend at 10am to come over at 3:30pm and just go with the flow (but still in my "I love to host" way I had way too much food all laid out and ready to go). One where on Sunday evening after dinner is done you can make your way to a local carnival and let your son get a few more rides in and not worry or fret, because he has had a low key weekend and you know he is rested for Monday. 

And in case you're curious about what we get up to on the weekends, find me on Instagram, that's where I spam our daily moments. 

Here's what we did this weekend a la Instagram. 


Emilio's Birth

No Shame

No Shame