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A Quick Hit

A Quick Hit

Some trips are worth the quickness, the time in the car in balance to the time in the place. 

Going back home always feels that way. 

The air

The fields

The cows

The porches and decks and moments. 

I wish it was all closer, because the car time is never easy. It was easier with just one, and Emilio has always been good in the car. 

Ava...not so much. She struggles. She gets car sick. She gets unhappy. Usually at least an hour of any long trip we do is spent trying to soothe her. 

So how do we manage? If it helps, I'll sit in the back with her and keep her occupied and happy. We also tend to stop frequently and give her breaks. And most of the time Emilio can keep her engaged and laughing. 

But again, the time is worth it. The 13 hours of car travel is worth the 30ish hours of NH life. 

Berry picking, cow watching, pond swimming, yard exploring, chive eating, strawberry shortcake making, dog walking, store exploring, motorcycle spotting. It is all worth it. 

And then it feels good to come to my new home, my home. To walk in to and settle back in to the life I've built as an adult. 

But NH will always be home. West St. will always be where I come home. 


So here I am

So here I am